Lessons in People Management

by Tom Mochal and Jeff Mochal
(Authors of Lessons in Project Management)

Come back to Dickens, Illinois with Tom the management coach as he meets with dozens of managers at Mega Manufacturing. The managers at Mega are similar to the managers at your company and struggle with many of the same problems - hiring, performance management, virtual teams, leading, and 46 other topics. Lessons in People Management highlights 50 essential people management lessons in a unique format that is unlike any other book on the market.

  • Focuses on the 50 essential lessons that can help all managers today (not just theory)

  • Easy to read and understand, which makes this a perfect book for anyone who has to manage people

  • Engages the readers and makes you interested parties in learning how the people management lessons help resolve each situation.

The resulting book provides perspective on how, why, where and when the people management lessons should be applied. Simple character development and context will help the reader connect with each story. This format will help the reader remember how the lesson is applied to resolve each situation. This, in turn, makes it easier to remember the lesson when it needs to be applied during the course of your job.

Sample Lessons in the Table of Contents

1.   Resolve a Conflict by First Understanding the Cause

4.   Utilize Active Listening as the Key to Effective Communication

10. Encourage Your Staff to Take Responsibility for Their Personal and Professional Development

12. Push Your Organization to Practice What it Preaches

14. Have a Transition Plan Today to Handle Turnover Tomorrow

20. Lead Your Staff – Don’t Just Manage Them

25. Strive to Create High-Performance Teams

30. Proactively Resolve the Personality Problems of a Dysfunctional Team

33. Use a Multi-Faceted Approach to Implement Culture Change

40. Look at Processes, Not People, to Solve Quality Problems

46. Teach Your Staff How to Resolve Problems

50. Respond Carefully to Significant Morale Problems

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