The Best Project Management Book Ever Written*

(*in our humble opinion)

"Lessons in Project Management" is published by Apress, Inc. and is also available through,, and other locations.

"Lessons in Project Management" highlights 50 essential project management lessons in a unique format that is unlike any other book on the market.

  • Focuses on the top 50 lessons that can help project managers today (not just theory)

  • Easy to read and understand, which makes this a perfect book for project managers, functional managers, team members and clients

  • Engages the reader and make them interested parties in learning how the project management lessons help resolve each situation.  

The resulting book provides perspective on how, why, where and when the project management lessons should be applied. Simple character development and project context will help the reader connect with each story. This format will help the reader remember how the lesson is applied to resolve each project situation. This, in turn, should make it easier for the reader to remember the lesson when it needs to be applied to his or her individual projects.

Target audience: Current project managers, potential project managers, project team members, business clients and managers of project managers.

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From the Authors

“This book is the culmination of an idea that I had many years ago for a way to more effectively mentor people in project management skills,” said Tom Mochal, President of TenStep, Inc. “Every company puts out tips and traps in emails and documents. They get read once and never picked up again.  I felt that I could communicate a project management lesson more effectively if I could tell a story, a parable perhaps, that embeds and showcases a project management lesson. The reader would then have the context to know how the lesson really applies on a project.”

"Lessons in Project Management" was co-authored by Jeff Mochal, an experienced writer, editor and publicist. “This book was a collaborative affair,” Jeff noted. “Tom focused on his expertise in project management, while I was able to place each of the lessons into an overall storyline.”

It has been said that the essence of a person is made up of what they personally experience, and what they read. When you work on a project, hopefully you will be able to apply the lessons learned from prior projects. Some of those prior projects may come from this book. Buy the book. I hope you read it, enjoy it, remember it and apply its lessons on your projects.

Feedback from readers of "Lessons in Project Management"

"The larger project management community is hungry for a methodology that works for their particular project. Tom Mochal has provided this with his scalable TenStep approach. Now he has written a delightful supporting "story" of his experiences that both engage and instruct the reader. Highly recommended."

Max Wideman
Author, Comparative Glossary of Project Management Terms
A Framework for Project and Program Management Integration
Project and Program Risk Management: A Guide to Managing Project Risks and Opportunities

"Tom Mochal is not only a great story teller, but an excellent teacher!  His new book entitled “Lessons in Project Management” does an exceptional job of conveying important lessons in how to manage projects of all sizes in a way that is both entertaining and informative.  I heartily recommend this book to the beginner as well as the seasoned project manager."

Dennis Bolles, PMP
DLB Associates LLC
Author, Building Project Management Centers of Excellence

"I thought it was great – the idea of the story/parable format to deliver your points works well for me.  I would like to have a copy of this book on my shelf and I think it lends itself well to training young and upcoming project managers.  It is a quick read, easily understood and straight to the point – this is something every working PM can use effectively without a big impact on their (already in short supply) time.  I though the format made for easy reading and also rapid recovery of rules for those times when you need to refresh yourself or someone else.  This is a tool I would use and I do not add tools or books or stuff to my bag of tricks frivolously."

Joe Rogers
Project Manager
Major Health Care Insurer

"Tom Mochal has really come up with a great concept to learning more about project management and what it takes to be a successful Project Manager. His new book, Lessons in Project Management, takes a unique approach that makes the read very interesting as well as informative. I think this approach may actually help readers retain the knowledge much longer than they might otherwise simply because it puts each issue into context of a story that deals with specific issues and real people.

The book takes a logical sequence of events in following the life cycle of a large project. In his 50 lessons, he identifies virtually all the key issues you might face in a project, helps you understand the problem from different employee types of perspective, and takes you through the thought process to address the issue. I can't think of a better approach to learn about these issues.

Tom's style is casual and personable so you feel as though you are right there with his characters trying to understand the problem and solve it with them. This book is going to be a big seller and a "must have" item for anyone interested in learning the "insider secrets" to managing projects effectively. It ranks right up there with The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt."

Mike Sisco
CEO, MDE Enterprises
Author, IT Manager Development Series
Founder, IT Manager Development Institute

"Tom Mochal presents project management techniques in a very refreshing and unique way. His storyline approach to conveying PM concepts is very effective, and makes for an easy and enjoyable read. Here is a great way to learn vital project management “lessons” without feeling like you’re reading a university text book."

Armando Benavides, PMP
Project Manager
Greenbrier & Russel, Inc.

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