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Many individuals work on projects but do not have a complete understanding of the project management processes from beginning to end. They may not be armed with all the concepts and techniques to successfully deliver project results. The TenStep “Fundamentals” e-class series provides an overview of the concepts, processes and techniques associated with managing a project from end to end. This is not a theoretical review of project management. These sessions teach the practical application of value-add project management. Students will complete the e-class armed with techniques and processes to apply to your own projects. Understanding and practicing the concepts taught in these e-classes increases the likelihood of success on the project.

The full Fundamentals of Project Management e-class series is made up of 10 2-hour sessions. Build the Schedule and Budget is covered by both sessions 2 and 3, so these sessions can only be purchased as a bundle.

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Session 1 - Define the Work (2 PDUs)

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Most projects have deadlines, and it seems they are getting shorter and shorter. Hitting aggressive deadlines puts pressure on the project manager to start the project as soon as possible. However, before the project work begins, you need to spend time in up-front planning to make sure that the work is properly understood and agreed to. This is the time the project manager spends ensuring that the project team and the client have common perceptions of what the project is going to deliver, when it will be complete, what it will cost, who will do the work and how the work will be done. This e-class will show you how.

Sessions 2 and 3  - Build the Schedule and Budget, Parts 1 and 2 (4 PDUs)(Please note that these two sessions comprise one four-hour session and cannot be split up)

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Before a project starts it is important to have a viable schedule. The best options are to find a prior similar schedule or a schedule template to use as your starting point. However, when these options don’t exist (and they usually don’t), you must be prepared to build the schedule from scratch. This e-class will teach you the process and techniques to build the schedule from scratch. There will also be a number of techniques to help you build the related project budget.

Session 4 - Manage the Schedule and Budget (2 PDUs)

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Of all of the skills required for managing the project, managing the schedule is perhaps the most fundamental. Depending on the dynamics of your project, the project manager may be in a position of having to constantly utilize his experience and creativity to get the project completed within expectations. One week your project may be on track. The next week, you may have work assignments that are late and issues that have surfaced. This e-class will help you learn techniques to successfully manage your project's schedule and budget.

Session 5 - Manage Issues (2 PDUs)

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Issues are major problems that require outside help to resolve. Issues can potentially doom a project. Therefore identifying and managing issues are critical success factors. This e-class focuses on determining if a situation or problem is a true issue and, if so, helps determine the most effective way to manage it.

Session 6 - Manage Scope (2 PDUs)

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Scope is the way that we describe the boundaries of a project. Without proper scope definition, you have no chance to manage scope effectively. When a project is defined, certain expectations are set as to what the project will achieve for an agreed upon cost and within an agreed upon timeframe. If the deliverables of the product change, the estimates for cost, effort and duration may need to change as well. That is really the purpose of scope change management – to ensure that the initial agreements are met, and that the project manager and the sponsor agree to any changes to the expectations. This e-class will teach you to manage scope effectively.

Session 7 - Manage Communication and HR (2 PDUs)

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All projects should communicate status. But that is just the minimum requirement for communication. Project managers must demonstrate proactive communication in almost all aspects of managing the project. The purpose of this e-class is to describe the fundamentals of project management and people management, focusing on techniques to help in each.

Session 8 - Manage Risk (2 PDUs)

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A reactive Project Manager tries to resolve issues when they occur. A proactive Project Manager tries to resolve potential problems before they occur. Many problems can be seen ahead of time. Risk management is a proactive process that is invoked to attempt to eliminate these potential problems before they occur, and therefore increase the likelihood of success on the project. This e-class will teach you to effectively manage risk.

Session 9 - Manage Quality and Metrics (2 PDUs)

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An effective quality and metrics management process results in “better” project deliverables, more efficient project work processes and increased client satisfaction. There is a cost associated with a quality and metrics management process as well, and it is important that the value of quality and metrics outweigh the cost. The focus of an organization quality and metrics program is to standardize processes and continually improve them over time. This e-class will show you how.

Session 10 - Manage Procurement (2 PDUs)

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Procurement refers to the aspects of project management related to obtaining goods and services from outside companies. This specifically refers to vendors and suppliers. It does not refer to other internal organizations within your own company. This is an area that project managers definitely need to understand at some level, and it is an area into which the project manager will give input. The purpose of this e-class is to give you insight into the procurement process.

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Purchase the full series of 10 e-classes for just $299!

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